The New York State Laborers' Union represents over 40,000 members employed in the construction industry and other fields throughout the state.

Our members are organized into more than 24 local unions and 5 district councils. We are a proud affiliate of the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA).



One of NYS LECET's main goals is to capture the competitive edge and develop more job opportunities for Laborers, our affiliated contractors and project owners. By working closely with our local unions and district councils as well as with our contractors, NYS LECET has been successful in:

  • promoting investment in transportation and infrastructure improvements
  • monitoring and fostering compliance with prevailing wage requirements
  • publicizing the benefits of unionized construction

NYS LECET plays an important role in helping developers of large projects clear regulatory hurdles and ensuring that politicians and other key decision-makers realize the importance of these projects for our members and our communities.

NYS LECET is aggressive and results-oriented.

NYS LECET has joined with other unions and highway contractor associations to generate more state funding for highway and mass transit construction in the state and protect the many members and contractors who work in heavy and highway construction.

NYS LECET established the New York State Center for Fair Contracting (CFC) in 1998 to keep a watchful eye on public works construction projects throughout the state to make sure contractors follow prevailing wage and other labor laws. Such careful oversight protects Laborers and our signatory contractors against unscrupulous non-union contractors who profit from lax enforcement by cheating workers out of required wages and benefits. In just a few years, the CFC has become a leading defender in the ongoing battle for fair wages.

To help further the CFC message the NYS Laborers have developed a separate Web site for the Center for Fair Contracting (CFC) initiative - www.getbackpay.com.

While securing better working conditions and more job opportunities is our priority, that's not all we do.

And NYS LECET participates in recruitment efforts at job fairs, trade shows and high schools to tell young people about the benefits and satisfactions of a career in construction. Recent career fairs were held in Albany and Rochester. Our brochure, Top 10 Reasons to Become a NYS Laborer, has been enormously popular at these events.